Eleven Reasons your House should Cheer You Up.

Sometimes (like this morning for me), getting out of bed is hard. This can put us in somewhat of an, let’s go with, irritable mood. You can’t find the lightswitch, then you trip, then the shower goes cold, then you’ve lost your car keys… You get the picture.

I have decided it is the job of your house to get you out of this mood.

So, here areĀ Eleven Reasons your House should Cheer You Up.

1. It should tell you you’re beautiful.

'Hello Beautiful' Shower Curtain

2. Give you love when you need it.

Take a look at this 'Hugs & Kisses' Reversible Pillow by OneBellaCasa on #zulily today!

3. Art should make you…

DIY "smile" art

4. Or…

Christmas Garland, Holiday Garland, Christmas Bunting, Believe Bunting

5. Or remind you to…

dream big map color photo print - whimsical fine art still life photography, retro, inspirational, nursery wall art

6. Homes can inspire magic.

They then dream that they are already up, that they are washing, or already in school, at the office, etc., where they ought to be at a given time. The night before an intended journey one not infrequently dreams that one has already arrived at the destination; before going to a play or to a party the dream not infrequently anticipates, in impatience, as it were, the expected pleasure.

7. Remind you of what you might be working for.

Mood Wall

8. Or what inspires you.

mood wall

9. Your house should let you know:

Retro Inspired Home Decor,  Gosh, Loved  Typography Throw Pillow, Expressions for The Home

10. Houses should make you giggle.

Bathroom Wall Text GET NAKED by LiefdeLiebeLove on Etsy, $62.00

11. And always remind you to:

Wake up and be awesome

Thanks for reading! x

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