Mixed Media Photography

Eleven Reasons to Admire Mixed Media Photography.

Mixed media photography is possibly one of the most beautiful, creative things I have ever seen and I am dying to find time to have a go (I know… excuses, excuses). Just because I can’t find enough time to dedicate to a project, doesn’t mean I can’t admire it.

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Classic Books

Eleven Reasons to Buy Classic Books.

I am going to start by admitting one of my little secrets. In life, I am trying to buy as many different versions and editions of Pride and Prejudice. I am currently on six. They are all beautiful and gorgeous and I may not read every one cover to cover, but they’re my little sanctuary. When I need cheering up, they are all there, together waiting to tell me all about Mr. Darcy.

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Eleven Reasons Daisies are the Best Flower.

When I was little, my sister made me eat a daisy to be in her club, which turned out to be imaginary. No, I have never let her forget this. No, she was not a cruel big sister, she was actually lovely and protective, I can just vividly remember this one instance.

Ever since I have been obsessed with daisies.

Weird, huh?

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